My Final HTML and CSS project! Feedback please!

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above link is the link to my website i built from scratch using everything that i learnt in my course! :slight_smile:

so my links don’t work at the top in the NAV bar when using this web host i think that is because they only allow one page since its free hosting

if you peep into my code you may think the links to the other pages are wrong but thats cause i changed them hoping it to work on this web host site but it didnt work

i thought that because all my files are now in one folder i wouldnt need to specify the links to look into another folder but i couldnt get it to work so if you know a way please let me know!

ALSO this a community for developers so if you see something i coded that you like then feel free to take it and make it work for your site! :slight_smile:

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Looks good Daniel :slight_smile:

One suggestion I’d like to make is the main heading (your name). I think this’d look better with white text and a black text-shadow, rather than white on black background-color :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice and simple, I like it!

I agree with @jibblyj though, you should change the black box to a shadow. I would also recommend a higher resolution background image.

Next step, learn javascript!

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Forgot this, but yeah.

And jQuery!