My errors


Oops! The test returned an error. Maybe you have a syntax error, or a typo. See full error.

what does it mean exactly.?

thank you


Without the code and exercise url its difficult to say, please provide this information


Here’s the link.

and the exercise is variables const. 2/8


i ask for two things, what is so complicated about it? More people seem to experience this problem, please tell me what i need to improve about this so that users give me both exercise url and there code


Sorry for the inconvenience. If it’s any help, please Find a way to let users like myself who are trying this for the first time understand what the url or code means.

Thank You


this is the exercise url:

that much you figured out. Now please copy paste your code to the forum, otherwise i have no way of knowing what your code is.

You write code in the exercise, then you know what code is. That is the absolute basic you must know for programming

const Echiladas = 'entree';



Create a constant variable named entree and set it to equal to the string 'Enchiladas'

what you did:

created a constant variable named Enchiladas and set it equal to string 'entree'


This is my code now.

const entree='Echiladas';

//: Enchiladas

It does print on the console, however, I am being asked this question and its preventing me from progressing.

Did you set the entree variable to ‘Enchiladas’?

What am I doing wrongly.


check your spelling/check for typos, including the string


I hate myself right now… I have been looking all night and couldn’t see this simply error.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


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