My Digital Portfolio Website

Hello everybody,

Hope you’re doing well today and thanks for coming to take a look at my project.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and test it. It should be working on desktops and tablets. The mobile version is still on my backlog :wink:

Many thanks,



Cool! I like the time calculator b/c I’ve not seen that before on portfolio sites.

Under the Projects section, there’s no link to the digital Yoga project or a GitHub repo (should there be?)


The website looks beautiful!! You have great designing skills

If I can be of any help, I would recommend you to pay close attention to some content overflowing when the width of the browser in a laptop is smaller than 500px.

note: specifically the paragraph that says “There is always a good path. If you don’t see it, you just need to keep looking in a good way, with the help of others.”.

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Many thanks for your feedback! I have added the link now :wink:

Many thanks for your feedback. I have worked on the content overflow. Feel free to have a second look :wink:

Beautiful tips, thanks for sharing. I love to design my portfolio too.

Hello Pwagner_de,
Hope my comment can be of any help,
For the navbar menus you don’t need to reload the whole page, instead you could
Use IDs/# to link to different parts of the page, that way it’ll just scroll down to that
Part of the page and for smooth scrolling you could use CSS3 scroll-behaviour: smooth property.