My Data Analyst interview prep portfolio project(s)

Hello everyone,

I guess I’ll be one of the first ones to post my project(s) here? I completed these two projects as part of the Data Scientist career path, but given the overlap between the two paths I think they can safely count as portfolio projects here as well.

One of them looks at Pokemon properties: GitHub - macaler/Pokemon: A project which investigates various Pokemon properties

The other looks at historic video game sales: GitHub - macaler/video_game_sales: Three projects aimed at exploring and analyzing the data in the video game sales dataset downloaded from


I’m from the Data Scientist Interview Prep Course. I’m not sure if I’m in the right place. There is no similar board on the Data Science track.

This is the link to my Github repos:

I have the following projects:

  • Unsupervised Learning: Clustering using wine data
  • Supervised Learning: KNN and Logistic Regression on a credit score data set from a direct payment service
  • QuantFinance: proprietary analysis for a Dynamic Asset Allocation model
  • Hypothesis testing: using data from the Google Play store
  • Data Acquisition: pulling and analyzing data from Twitter’s WeRateDogs account
  • Data Visualization: using data from airports in the USA
  • Linear Regression: testing the hypothesis if there was fraud in the 2021 Peruvian presidential election
    -Scripting: code to create an python interface for querying data for the BikeShare service