My courses are locked

I complete all my course in “Learn JavaScript”, Welcome to Learn JavaScript to Conditions. I completed all the projects and other things that includes in each chapter. And I try to continue "function’ section and they let me to pay to continue this course. How to fix this?

Do you have a Pro subscription? I am guessing that maybe the content you are trying to access sounds like subscriber content.

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nah I don’t have pro subscrition. It says it an free course so… Do I need to pay for subscription even though its free course?

My best guess is that there might be some content included in the course that is Pro content(?) Otherwise, I’m sorry, but I’m not sure…


Even in free courses, there is content that is unavailable to non-subscribers. Usually, most (not all) quizzes and projects (even in free courses) are locked away.

I am not a subscriber and even though the “Learn JavaScript” course is listed as “Free” in the catalog, the lessons+quizzes+projects of only the first two sections (Introduction and Conditionals) are fully available to non-subscribers.

But the quizzes and projects in the remaining sections (Functions, Scope … , Iterators, Objects) are unavailable to non-subscribers. You will see a lock icon next to the quizzes and projects. That being said, the lessons/exercises for these sections are accessible to non-subscribers.

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It fixed. idk how, but I didnt even join codecademy for 3 days and fixed thanks all you guys for help :>

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