My course returned to 0% of completion


I just finished Functions in Python course, then listed the tree of all courses and noticed that all courses are locked except the first one (python syntax)
can you help me with that or i need to do everything from beginning?
Thank you for your help!


We were told a short while ago the Python and Ruby tracks are being replaced. That 's why it is locked, to prevent server access. As I understand, only those learners who have completed the track will get progress credit. If you check your CC profile (not discuss) you should still have the unit badges, but won't have credit for track completion.


so the bottom line is....i need to do all do courses from beginning?


Looks like it. I had 100% progress on the Ruby track until I started testing the new update. Then it got reset to 0 and was removed from my custom path (Pro). I expect the same behavior in the Python track. Oh well, we can all use some review...


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