My Codebit won't display the Google logo


Here is a link to my Codebit.


please paste in URL to exact codebit as I don't see a codebit with img url to a google image


ThisIsNotGoogle is the one.


there's no code typed in.


Okay, now it vanished. Is this another bug?


That's an invalid link...


That too? Okay, to see it, go to: view-source:


That's the source code for


That's right! And it's coming up with all these bugs.


Tell that to the Google developers then..?


No, it clearly works in their running environment. But how to do it here...


Twitter API seems to work. I'm searching for correlations. I feel I might be onto something...


What exactly are you trying to do??


Never mind. Just jacking around. ...Let's just close this.


You sure?


Do you have any more ideas for this thing? Or any resources you could draw on to help?


I can't help if you don't tell me what you're trying to do :wink:


Oh, I'm trying to make a codebit that looks like Google. :smile: No worries. Once I get that done, I can edit it in the codebit.


Okay, I just realized that I'm giving the impression of wannabe piracy. I'll ask a coworker.


Instead of copying their source code completely, why not just recreate it using your own code from scratch? That'd be more fun in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: