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I think codecademy is overrated because - I got 36 right codes but still I haven´t complited a projekt yet. In some of them there stand´s 1 Final Projekt. - But then i send them a mail and there weren´t a final projekt :open_mouth: - if i upgraded to pro could i only get tools to continue building??? WHAT?


I'm not entirely sure what you are asking about, but I know that the projects are Pro Material so you probably have to buy that to try them out. its not something you actually need in order to learn the languages though. some courses don't even have projects that Pro members can do. I'm pretty sure the final projects are open for everyone but the tests and section projects are just extra for Pro Members..


Okay - so it could be that i got a final projekt? BUT i have to be a Pro Member to see it?


Okay .. It´s not easy whem i´m not very good to English. But so you mean i can NEVER see what it is i have maked? :open_mouth: That sucks! :open_mouth: I thought you could see it :O?


It could always just be the course you are looking at but you should be able to complete the final project


Okay Thank you for you´re help! :slight_smile:


No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:


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