My code works correctly, but isn't being accepted


My code:


My error:
"Oops, try again. Did you replace your .addClass() with a .toggleClass()?"

I opened a support ticket almost a week ago now, and they replied asking me for more details, so I sent a screen shot of the issue, and then they closed the ticket and asked how my experience with support was... lol.
Um, not good haha.


@wynx I have a question what part of modifying html elements are you on


I have one more question can I see your support ticket number please thank you @wynx


Part 7: toggling classes.I do exactly what I am instructed, and the error given clearly restates what I am to do, which you can see by my code I have already done.


Have you looked at the example code at the top of the page before the instructions


yes, did you see my code I posted? It is not only the same but also it works. And it's the same as the suggestion that is given when I submit and an error is thrown.


Hey wynx, just a quick suggestion:
for your first 'div' it should be #text since they only wanted it done for the second box.
Also, for your second 'div' it should just be 'text' without any ' ' or just the word 'this' without any ' '.
Actually the only way to get this exercise to work was using 'this' without the ' '.


Adding the #text as a selector for the event worked. Thank you!
Funny thing though, I left the first div as ('div') and the second div as ('#text') so I guess it didn't really matter how I did it so long as only that div was selected.
'#text' -> this looks nicer though.


Thank you @mileswilde for helping @wynx I was too busy. Have a great day wynx and mileswilde.


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