My code won't reset!


The code just won't reset... I deleted a entire section to see what would happen and I thought it would be ok but even refreshing, exiting, etc won't reset it...

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Jetsetter Concierge Travel Planning</title>
  <link href=",400,600,700|Quicksand:300,700" rel="stylesheet">
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">

  <div class="header">
    <div id="header-text"> <!--Add an id to this div -->
      <h1>Travel Like Never Before</h1>
      <h2>Whether you're looking for adventure or luxury, let us help you plan your perfect getaway.</h2>

  <div class="partner"> <!--Add a class to this div -->
    <h4>Proud Partner of Am South Airlines <img src="" id="aa-logo" width="150px"></h4>

    <h3>Why You Should Choose Jetsetter Concierge Travel Planning</h3>
    <p>With over 25 years of experience in concierge, high-end travel planning, we'll provide you with the highest quality services. Every vacation is unique, custom, and tailored to your tastes.</p>

      <div class="prop">
        <img src="" width="60px">
        <p>We don't do standardized packages because we know everyone wants something different. Every vacation will be uniquely customized to your tastes.</p>

      <div class="prop">
        <img src="" width="60px">
        <p>Our quarter century of experience in travel planning combines local knowledge with international taste. You'll be amazed at what we can provide!</p>

        <img src="" width="60px">
        <p>We understand that you expect the world of your vacation - Jetsetter can provide once in a lifetime experiences at top of the line quality.</p>


I had the same problem, when I tried to re-set the code from the first exercise in the lesson set but then when I went to the 2nd exercise, if you click the help button it allows you to re-set code from there on. Everything continued to look funny showing what it looked like after I deleted my code on the preview window, until I hit lesson 11, then it somehow re-set the page to correct the original page.


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