My code went through, but im not sure if its actually RIGHT. HELP!


My code looks so simple compared to everyone else's code. It says its right but I'm not sure if its actually RIGHT.

var object1 = {
    hi: 'awkward',
var object2 = {
    hello: 'firm',

var object3 = {
sup: 'comfortable',



Hello @tropicaltaquito,

What exercise are we looking at? Syntax-wise, your code does look fine. Although, a semi-colon ( ; ) at the end of each object created won't be bad. :slight_smile:


It's the 12th lesson


Okay, the instruction says:

Create three objects called object1, object2, and object3 in the editor. Use either literal notation or the object constructor, and give your objects any properties you like!

I will use the object constructor approach with your example.

var object1 = new Object();
var object2 = new Object();
var object3 = new Object();
object1.hi = "awkward";
object2.hello = "firm";
object3.sup = "comfortable";

Literal notation will be thus:

var object1 = {}
var object2 = {}
var object3 = {}

object1.hi = 'awkward';
object2.hello = 'firm';
object3.sup = 'comfortable';


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