My code was writing correcly but i have an error


      class Person{
          public static function say(){
              return "Voici mes pensées !";
      class Mathematicien extends Person{
          const nombreDor =1.618033988749894;
          print Mathematicien::nombreDor;
          print Mathematicien::say();

it's the question 8 POO PHP
my output it's correct
sorry for my bad english


im sure to do the right things, i tried my code with firefox chrome opera IE result on output is correct but it answer me i don't ouput it
sorry for my english
i have the same probleme on three exercices


The full number is not being output to the display, so the lesson won't pass. We need to use number or string formatting.

Le nombre total est de ne pas sortie à l'écran, de sorte que la leçon ne passera pas. Nous devons utiliser le numéro ou le formatage de chaînes.

    echo number_format(Mathematicien::nombreDor, 15);


    printf ("%.15f", Mathematicien::nombreDor);


thank you very much
I dont study this funcction.thanks for your help