My code is working a per the required condtition but it shows errors can saomeone correct me If i have some errors of its compiler fault/


I tried the code It gives the desired output but don't know why compiler say its error.

Oops, try again. It looks like your code didn't print 'The condition is false'. Make sure your if/else statement is set up correctly, and that your condition evaluates to false.

          // Write your if/elseif/else statement here!
      if (4>10) {
         echo "The condition is true";
         else {
             echo "This condition is false";


Use literally the phrase given here.


I done exactly same but still problem presist :frowning:


Problem solved thanks, need to copy paste , but still unable to find where was mistake
thanks a lot.



echo "This condition is false";

This => The


Thanks :blush: sometimes Its really.


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