My code is right but Codecademy tells me otherwise



My code works but an error message pops up and stops me at this exercice.
Thank you for your help.

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('div').hover( function(){ (this).addClass(‘active’);


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after clicking on the save and submit button please follow the instructions next to back to editor button.

Thank you very much!!!

I have the same problem but after following the instructions i get “Could not get the property “1” of a link whose value is not defined or is NULL”

can you please create a new topic?

read this it’ll help you to make a good topic :slight_smile:

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If your code is working correctly when hover over the button it does change the color then hold on the cursor on the buttons for 4-5 seconds and the hover over the next, it takes some time to register the change in color.

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it does work for me,thanks.

Same here, I have the exact same code, and I’m sure it’s correct. In fact, it works just fine when I submit. I have no clue what’s wrong with it.

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