My code is completely wrong. #learning JAVAscript


number 13. codecademy

So far we've learned about three data types:

strings (e.g. "dogs go woof!")
numbers (e.g. 4, 10)
booleans (e.g. false, 5 > 4)
Now let's learn more about comparison operators.

List of comparison operators:

Greater than
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
= Greater than or equal to
=== Equal to
!== Not equal to
Try to use each of the operators above.

Choose the correct comparison operator to make each of the four statements print out true.

my code: (completely wrong)

// Here is an example of using the greater than (>) operator. if 15 > 4 evaluates to true, so true is printed.\
console.log("chinese noodles".length===16);

// Fill in with >, <, === so that the following print out true:
console.log("Xiao Hui".length===>5);
console.log("Goody Donaldson".leng


DONE IT NOW! don't worry anyone!! thanks


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