My Code Editor is infinitely loading

I have tried everything I could but nothing is working, I tried different devices and made different account to see if it was just my account but it isn’t my account, I would delete it but may account has pro on it.

Hello, @kyle_smith, and welcome to the forums. Could you expound a little more on what exactly is happening? Better yet, post your code along with a link to the exercise/project that you’re having the problem with.

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I have the link, but what do you mean as in post your code? Also I meant, is infinitely loading.

Copy/paste the code that you ran. If you created an infinite loop than the editor may not be able to run your code. I would guess though that is not the case given the lesson you are on.

Are you unable to connect? Or is it freezing up once you attempt to run the code?

If you aren’t able to connect to the lesson, have you taken a look at the troubleshooting guides?

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Ok, I will try these.

No, this did not fix the problem.

Could you post a screenshot?

What type of device and which browser are you using?

I am on my Chromebook right now

Have you been able to complete exercises prior to today on any of your devices?

No I have not it’s been about a week or so. I got this account from my teacher I talked to him about he looked into it and tried to help me but it didn’t work. His account can load in fine though.

I would give this guide,, a look, and make sure your firewall isn’t blocking one or more of the necessary sites. Beyond that, I don’t know. Any other suggestions, @alyssavigil or @lilybird?

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Ok, thank you for your time.

Sure. I hope you are able to get it working.

Hey @kyle_smith. Lil here from Codecademy. I’m going to send you a DM to get some information from you so I can help you troubleshoot the issue.