My code editor and web browser on the labs won't open

My code editor and web browser on the labs won’t load for my learn HTML & CSS labs. And after I try to restart the exercise, their is a message notification that states, COULD NOT RESTORE WORKSPACE

Please help

If you are using Chrome, try a different browser.

So I have been unable to connect to he Learn Responsive Design from chrome, firefox or internet explorer for the last 4 days.
The pop up window I have been getting:

Sorry about that!
There are a lot of people taking this course right now! It might be unavailable until the crowd clears.
Until then, how about taking one of our other courses?

Please help

It’s been like this for 5 days now.

I’m having the same issue with continuing Responsive Design. I’ve whitelisted the urls below and tried several browsers over the last 2 days at different times. Can this be fixed? Thank you!


Wanted to update that this seems to be an issue for specific accounts, maybe? I made a whole new account and was able to go through the Responsive Design course with no issues yet, passing the point that I was stopped at with my original account.