My code doesn't pass, but works in the practice space provided?


The grader says it doesn't print what is asked for? I've tried different spacing, using else at the end of the code and had someone familiar with python check this and couldn't tell why it didn't pass. Looking for a better set of eyes to point out my silly mistake. Thank you.

user_name = input("What is your name?")
name = str(user_name)
special_one = 'Amar'
special_two = 'Brandy'
name_two = '<NAME>'

if name is special_one:
	print("Hello " + name + " :)\nI like your shoes")
if name is special_two:
	print("Hello " + name + " :)\nYou seem like a cool person")
if name is name_two:
 	print("Hello " + name)
if name != special_one and name != special_two and name != name_two:
 	print("Hello " + name + " :)")




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