My case statement isn't fully working 'Unexpected when?statement


books = {spiderman: 5}

puts "Choose what you would like to do with your books! (add) (update) (delete) "
choice = gets.chomp

loop do
case choice

when "add","ADD","Add"
puts "Add your book!"
adbook = gets.chomp
puts "Add rating please!"
rating = gets.chomp
puts rating == nil ? books[adbook.to_sym] = 0 : books[adbook.to_sym] = rating.to_i # < This is a Ternary operator i created weeee
puts "Add another? "
answer = gets.chomp
puts books
break if answer == "No"

when "update"
puts "Choose a title to update!"
title = gets.chomp
if books[title.to_sym] = nil
puts "Error that book is not in the hash"
puts "What is the new rating?"
rate = gets.chomp
books[title.to_sym] = rate
puts "You changed the rating of #{title} to #{rate} "
puts "Here his the updated list of books: #{books} "

So basically the case statement i created is set to trigger whenever one of the following choices are typed in. The one i need help with is the update string. It is telling me on the command prompt and unexpected when "update". Can someone tell me what this means?

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