My C# code


I do a simple code for the first time myself with the knowledge that i had in choose your own adventure game. my code is very similar to choose your own adventure game.

//This program will respond different things depending on the user’s input.
Console.WriteLine(“Hello, what is your name ???”);
string name = Console.ReadLine();
Console.WriteLine($“Hello {name} how are you doing?”);
Console.Write("Type GOOD, BAD, VERY GOOD or VERY BAD ");
string choice = Console.ReadLine().ToUpper();

if (choice == “BAD”)
Console.WriteLine($“Oh. thats horrible news. Hopefully it will get better {name}.”);
{ if (choice == “GOOD”)
Console.WriteLine($“Nice. It’s good to hear that {name}.”);
if (choice == “VERY GOOD”)
Console.WriteLine($" THAT’S VERY NICE TO HEAR {name} !!! ^_^");
if (choice == “VERY BAD”)
Console.WriteLine($“THAT’S VERY BAD AND UNFORTUNATE {name}. :-(”);

Copy paste my code to your empty c# program (i did this in visual studio 2022 soo its better to put my code in visual studio 2022).