My browser keeps freezing. I can't even load the page


Whenever I go to resume my progress on number 5. JQuery Selectors. I can't go on any further in the lesson.
I have tried to select all of my code and delete it but, that still doesn't work. What should I do?
This is the link to it:


Please show us your code so we can analyze it. Thanks.


Here is a screenshot of the whole page.


Here is the actual code.

/*var skillset =
function main(){



We would prefer you to post raw code, rather than a picture, but in this case the error is obvious... Recursion.

Your program is continually calling itself in an infinite loop.


So how can I fix it?
I can't even edit the code before it freezes.


Expand the editor window so the preview browser disappears. That should let you remove the line inside the function.


Thank you, that worked great.


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