My brief story: from Brazil to England


Hello guys...

first of all I want to thank you for all the knowledge I was able to learn with you guys

And second, sorry for my bad English..

My name is Gabriel, also known as @Gabolino from twitter.. I used to live in Brazil by the time I first wrote this message and sent int to Codecademy (08/08/2015)... I always had trouble in finding something that I enjoyed working with.. I'm a Agriculture Engineer, chesmistry lab tec and a mechanic, so that basically can show you that I never knew what to do with my life..

My brother-in-law @lee_simpsons is a Software engineer and director at Leenix ltd. I always thought it was fascinating.. and I asked him if he could teach me how to code. He lives in England with my sister (she went there a long time ago) and He did not have any way to teach me anything.. skype and e-mail would not be a good way to learn it and it was supposed to be just a hobby. He told me about and he said "go there and try, see if you understand anything" and after 5 hours I completed the html + css tutorials. I texted him and said "now I know how to code!!" and he laughed and proposed me a challenge.. he said: "I`m going to send you a website layout and I want you to recreate it.. let's see how it goes.." and after 2 WEEKS I sent it to him..

I had a full-time job and every spare time I had back that time I managed to find I was trying to recreate it.. It was just for fun, but with all those skills I learned with you guys I was able to recreate it!! it was just amazing.. I was impressed on how a lot of letters and symbols could turn into a website.. I sent it back to him and after some minutes he called me at my job and said "I'm impressed on how much you managed to learn and I'm willing to give you a chance to work with coding in the future, would you like it??" I obviously said yes and he started sending me some layouts for me to change it to html and css..

It may look like that it was an easy path but he never let anyone, family or not, to help him with his job, he is a wonderful and very professional person and he gave me a chance to shine.. and I took it.. and after a year he invited me to move to England and start working with him and all of it was able because he sent me a link to I now live in a amazing town and have a chance to build a career, to learn even more and someday become one of the best coders in this planet, and I tell you that, It will happen someday and it's all thanks to what I learned with you guys.. I can't find enough words to say how much you guys helped me and I will never forget the day I found your website and I saw all those cool letters turning into a website..

I was a nobody stuck in a horrible job, unhappy and everything that comes with it.. and now I'm working with something that took 26 years of my life to find..

as I said, my English is not so good, I'm sorry.. but it will get better living in England now..

hope you like my story and see how much codecademy helped me


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