My attr_writer


class Director
	attr_reader :name, :style
	attr_writer :film_1, :film_2, :film_3 
	def initialize(name, style)
		@name = name 
		@style = style
		@film_list = {}
	def director_commands 
		@command_1 = "Action!"
		@command_2 = "Quit on the set!"
		@command_3 = "Break"
		@command_4 = "Cut"
	def signature
		print " #{:film_1}, #{:film_2}, #{:film_3} "
		@film_list[:film_1] = 4
		@film_list[:film_2] = 4
		@film_list[:film_3] = 4
		puts @film_list
	def add_movie 
	loop do
	puts "Add a movie this director has finished!"
		movie = gets.chomp
		puts "Would you like to rar "
	michael_bay ="Michael", "Action")
	michael_bay.film_1 = "Transformers"
	michael_bay.film_2 = "transformers2"
	michael_bay.film_3 = "Transformers3"
	puts michael_bay.signature

The question i have here is that when i try to write over the film symbols in the respective instance of the class it doesn't write over the films. Instead it just prints the word films when i use the signature method instead of printing the Transformers movies.


These attributes must be written into the class initialize method in order to be able to set them.


Thank's for your response. Would you mind breaking down initialize for me. Because below i pasted a some syntax of a person who didn't initialize but used writer. Could the fact that he required this to another file be the reason it worked?

class Address
attr_accessor :kind, :street_1, :street_2, :city, :state, :postal_code

def to_s(format = 'short')
address = ''
case format
when 'long'
address += street_1 + "\n"
address += street_2 + "\n" if !street_2.nil?
address += "#{city}, #{state} #{postal_code}"
when 'short'
address += "#{kind}: "
address += street_1
if street_2
address += " " + street_2
address += ", #{city}, #{state}, #{postal_code}"

home =
home.kind = "Home"
home.street_1 = "123 Main St." = "Portland"
home.state = "OR"
home.postal_code = "12345"

puts home.to_s('short')
puts "\n"
puts home.to_s('long')


This is a matter for more reading on accessors.

I'm afraid if I attempt to answer this it may be incorrect, incomplete or just plain confusing. Best let the experts weigh in on this.


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