My account appears to have been deleted


My account appears to have been deleted. I can log in but all functionality is gone.

  • When I try to view my profile I receive a 404 not found error
  • I am not able to use the editor in any of the courses
  • On my account page, when I view my username and email address they have been changed and it is these fields that lead me to believe my account has been deleted. For example, my username should be Tolvic but it is showing as Tolvic_52d52ffe282ae3353100255e_deleted_52d52ffe282ae3353100255e_deleted
  • I do not believe that I deleted my account myself
  • I signed up using my Google account
  • I have not used the site in quite some time.
  • I have tried multiple browsers


Hi Tolvic,

Our customer support team would be happy to help, you can contact them here.