My 30 days challenge


I'm Noel Fuentes. I'm in Australia, and I'm studying computer science. I'm trying to become a software engineer.

I'll be posting my daily progress here!


Good luck! I’ll be following allong everyday to help keep the motivation strong. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck! Hope you complete and stay productive in these 30 days.

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G’day Noel! (Was that too cheesy?)

Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! May your month be fruitful. :slight_smile:


Wishing you good luck!

Remember to take breaks!


Hi! sorry for the absence. I have been busy with my day job. I’ll be more consistent from now on.
It’s now 12:50 pm. By the end of this session, I hope I build my own personal website.
In the next hour, I plan to go through codeacademy’s tutorial in web dev foundations: developing web sites locally.

update 1:05 pm: I’ve created a static webpage of me.

update: 1:20 pm: just finished html video and will be styling my static webpage with css for the next 20 min.

update 1:50 pm: done with css styling

update 2:23 pm: worked on learning about Chrome and Edge Devtools and redesigned mcDonald’s menulog page below

update 2:45-3:06 pm: working on part 2 of the css styling (navbar, and adding shadows)

update 3:25 pm: reading about how to deploy websites on CodeAcademy!
just learned about different ways to host my web app. could be dedicated web servers or cloud providers. I’ll think about using IaaS, Paas, or FaaS. for now I think Heroku would be perfect for my personal website and this project I’m working on in Uni that uses chatGpt.

update 4:08 pm - deployed my website on github pages → visit it here : Noel’s Personal Website (

update: 4:14 pm - reflection time
I think doing the challenge projects will really help me grow. Tomorrow. I’ll try to finish two projects Javascript syntax and personal portfolio webstie on interactive websites module


it’s still day 2 and It’s 7:35 pm. I’m answering quizzes on CSS and html to solidify my fundamentals before I get into making more projects. I aim to finish all quizzes by 8 pm.

update 7:56 pm: I’m doing a guided project on box model because it is quite confusing.

update 8:47 pm: finished all html quizzes. display and positioning is hard on css.

update 8:55 pm: gonna end the day here. Enough study for now. Will be working on Javascript hopefully tomorrow and hopefully i can finish the web development fundamentals exam 2 by tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone!


Hello! It is day 3 and I want to work on finishing my web fundamentals exam and then move on to Javascript and interactive websites.
By the end of the day I hope to build an interactive website and deploy it on github pages.

It is now 12:12 pm. I’m going to finish my Web fundamentals exam.

12:53 pm update: finished the quiz on display and positioning. I understand it a little better. but time to move on.
Doing css colors now and and typography.

1:56 pm update: finished the guided projects on semantic html, tables, and html structure on code academy
Still moving onto css colors and typography. but I managed to finish bash scripting tutorials which was more of a review for me.

2:57 pm update: finished css colors project
working on typography now

4:03 pm update: finished css typography project and quiz
importing fonts was quite confusing. working on links and buttons now.

4:44 pm update: feeling burnt out. Time to recalibrate today’s priorities.
I probably wont be able to make an interactive website with javascript today.
However, I will focus on mastering links, buttons, and breadcrumbing and hopefully implement one of the challenge projects by today.


It is day 4:
time is 7:45 pm. just finished flex boxes.

slow day today. had to fix car and run errands.

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I’ve been slacking guys.

So I’m going back to Day 1. I’m working on Swift learning. I want to program a iOS app. I don’t know how long it will take. But I will be doing the 30 days challenge and keep doing it for as long as it takes.

Hello! This thread is dedicated to the 30 day progress of @courserunner18724, feel free to create your own thread were you can log your own progress and we can cheer you on as well. :slight_smile:


sorry about the absence. I’m back!

It’s now day 5. The time is 6:55 pm. Let’s work on grids!

update 8:52 pm. I have finished grids! finally :'(((( :DDDDDD

it is so hard but i get it a little better now! :smiley:


After flying back home for family and the holidays, I’m back again!

I really hope to be more consistent now that I’m settled in after meeting family and friends home.

Today is the 6th day. It is 9:43 am. Let’s do this!

it’s 10:14 am. I have finished the PupSpa guided project on CSS grids! :smiley:

10:52 am update: Finished another Grid project: Task board
Moving onto responsive design!


Hey @courserunner18724! Any updates on your 30-day coding challenge? Hopefully you’ve been hard at work learning. If not, you can always hit the restart button and give it another go! :slight_smile:

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Happens at first @courserunner18724 you can always restart! Good Luck.

Hey @ThatTyGuy how are you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Doing awesome! I hope you’ve had a successful and productive few weeks as well

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Yes ! My Leetcode is going very well right now. Wait I’ll link a pic
This is my journey on Leetcode I started on last month 14th june

Oh yes I’m making app too here’s a video on that too

It’s not completed yet. Still working on the flows and wigdets.

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LOVE IT! You’re killing it ma man

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Thank you :blush: How about you? What is going on for you?

Congratulations man, You will do it!!