My 30 days Challenge (DSA will update daily)

Starting tomorrow, I will embark on a 30-day DSA challenge, during which I will provide daily updates on my progress. If I fail to update on any given day, it will signify the end of my streak. I am committed to being consistent and maintaining a 30-day streak without any breaks. Throughout this journey, I will focus on data structures and algorithms, particularly through practicing LeetCode questions. Naturally, DSA is a vast subject that cannot be fully covered in just one month, but once I complete this streak, I can begin another one to tackle the remaining topics. Hopefully I won’t miss the streak. :raised_hands:t3:


Day 1:

  • Completed the basic mathematics topics used in different data structures and algorithm
  • Completed : Count digits, Palindrome Numbers, Factorial of a number and Trailing zeroes in Factorial

I was prefer to take notes in my notebook will attach some pics of it down below:

I still have 5 to 6 basic maths topic left to code like prime factors, hcf, lcm, mean, median etc will complete it by tomorrow.

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Day 2:

  • Completed GCD or HCF of 2 numbers and learnt a new algorithm known as Euclid’s Algorithm.
  • Completed LCM of 2 numbers, Check for prime and All divisors of a number
  • Plan for tomorrow is to start with analysis of algorithms and complete the time complexity topic

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Day 3:

  • Completed Sieve of Eratosthenes
  • Completed Computing Power topic
  • Completed Iterative power topic
  • Did on reading on stateless and statefull widgets as I was a bit confused between them. Used this sitelink
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Day 4 of 30 days challenge:

  • Completed Asymptotic Analysis
  • Completed Order of Growth
  • Learned about Best, Worst and Average cases in time complexity
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Day 5:

  • Learned about omega notation, big O notation and theta notation.
  • Completed Analysis of common loops will complete multiple loops tomorrow
  • Completed my Email verification system in my personal project
  • Docs used for reference for email verification:- Firebase
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Day 6:

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Day 7:

  • Completed analysis of multiple loops
  • Started analysis of recursion / Intro to recursion
  • Fixed my app where email verified was showing “False” even after the user verified itself.

I will try to cover the intro of recursion tomorrow and also start connecting my screens on flutter app i.e. will try to connect login and registration screens.

In order to help you I need to understand the problem so could you state the problem because I do not understand your problem!


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Hey the problem is fixed where I verified the user thorugh email but in terminal it was still showing as not verified.

As you can see above :point_up_2:t2: the problem was simple that I had to go back to login view and login the user again to fix this error. Thanks for the help though @ritzcoding5423

Day 8:

  • Completed the login view register view in my app
  • Completed the email verification system for users now its working perfectly
  • Moving to flutter ui now
  • Did Recursion Tree Method for Solving Recurrences
  • Flutter is not throwing False error for user verified anymore :slight_smile:
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