My 30 Day Challenge :D

Hi all,

I’ve recently completed the initial introductory chapter to Python 3 called ‘Hello World’. I’m now moving on to the next chapter ‘Control Flow’.

You’re welcome to join in on this challenge, I am seeking to learn the Python 3 module and then I’ll be looking to learn by undertaking the Back-End Engineer Career pathway. So far I’ve really enjoyed learning in Python, it’s fun and very satisfying when you get the programme to run as intended.

I’ll be updating this journal everyday in order to keep myself accountable. Anyone is welcome to join in if you’re along the similar learning curve and I welcome all the encouragement I can get :slight_smile: Thank you

Day 1

Beginning ‘Control Flow’ (2nd Chapter after ‘Hello World’ in learning ‘Python 3’ course.

Beginning date of 30 day challenge 2nd of March. Deadline: 31st of March.

Time allocated to studying per day: 2 hours in 2 spaced out slots per day that allows for a period of rest to relax the mind :smiley:

Day 2

I completed the ‘Control Flow’ module today, I found it a bit harder than the ‘Hello World’ module. I managed to complete all the tasks however still felt I could have made the programme for the last test a bit more sophisticated. I’m sure that will come with time.

Enjoying the course. Moving on to 'Magic Ball 8" module now.