My 1st portfolio website

I found the task pretty easy but making it responsive was a bit time consuming, I only added javascript to interchange my picture and didn’t add any links to my projects as they are not live yet.

it took me about 4 hours to complete as I was playing a lot with different lay outs and css styles.

link to website: Wilfred Bridges Portfolio
link to code: GitHub - WilfredBridges/Wilfred_Bridges_Portfolio: Portfolio website

if you have any ideas or adjustments please feel free to tell me.

Hello, Wilfred.

Thank you for sharing your portfolio with us!

By chance, did you design it with a laptop? On larger screens, your picture covers up the bottom text of your about me:


Speaking of your “About Me,” I did notice that there were a few parts that asked you to insert information (i.e. [Your Name]) If you are using technology to generate content for your webpages, you want to be sure to add the information that has been requested so as not to negatively impact your credibility!

On your projects, I do not think it would be bad to make the images larger. You may need to manipulate the images you used so you don’t have to manually set a height, but consider something like this?

(I changed the alignment to center because I have personal beef with space-between :joy: )

The two last things I would like to mention are white space and heading size. White space is a great way to make simple layouts look good. Don’t be afraid to put extra space in between your sections! Lastly, the browser-defined heading sizes typically look good on mobile. With such a simple layout, I do not think it would hurt to make all of your <h2> the same size (2rem).