My 11th Day at Codecademy

Hello. I started my coding about several months ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve heard that this site gives excellent resources on programming languages, so I’ve joined!

I think learning coding at this site is a great experience for an avid learner like me. When I started coding I tried to learn many things via video lecture which made me distracted, but here I can dig in very well and actually I do feel I learnt better than before.

Anyway I hope I could accomplish this challenge and hopefully you guys too. If you could, please share your thoughts on your challenge experience.


Welcome! Best of luck!


Hello! Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ve had a similar experience. I was using video lectures to learn coding as well. Although I found them to be informative, I do like the codecademy approach to teaching material more. It gels better with my learning style and I find I’m grasping the material much better and faster. I also like how it is interactive and provides immediate feedback.

Wishing you luck in this journey!

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