Mutliple pages in news site


Hi. Anyone can explain me how multiple pages are created in news websites as in the above picture. lets say If I’m to access a news page from last week, news websites give either next page/previous page option or page numbers to select.

I know how to create a navigation to another page using anchor tag. yet not sure how multiple pages are maintained in news websites where daily updates are made. Thanks in advance.

You need a database and a back-end to allow the upload of daily/new post and pagination. Taking this steps makes your website a lot more complicated then just some plain html & css

But given blog or news post are very common, there are very likely some CMS which can do this. The CMS can then do a lot of heavy lifting, reducing the amount of code you have to deal with.

Thanks Stetim. I appreciate your response. just started HTML, CSS and JS. I guess it might take me some more time to get to that point. AJ

Depends, a CMS (context management system) allows you to do this without writing much code (if any at all). But if you want to build from “scratch”, that is going to take more time