Must I sign up for a free trial in order to continue using the free/basic model?

I just started the free (basic) program, and started to learn Python, and after just 2 or 3 exercises, I get a ‘popup’ screen that tells me to sign up for a free trial (or to go back to the main syllabus page). In order to sign up for the free trial it looks like I have to 1) enter a Credit card # and 2) then remember to cancel in time or else I’ll be charged.
I can’t seem to find any way to continue without trying the free trial first.
Am I missing something?


Nope, you should be able to continue on the course just fine, what’s happening there is every couple exercise there’s usually a quiz/project and when you open those, you get the message to start a trial/buy PRO because those specifically do require a subscription however you can skip them just fine so long as the course itself you’re on is on the free tier :slight_smile:

I can’t see any way to skip the popup for the free trial. There are only 2 buttons - one to continue with the free trail sign up, and a second button that takes me back to the syllabus page.

This also pops up on the “strings” page, not on a “quiz/project” page.

I tried hitting escape too and that doesn’t do anything.
(attaching a screenshot).
Thanks for the help!

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Thanks for the screenshot, my advice above only applies to free courses, which “Learn Python 3” unfortunately is not. It looks like it gives you a couple lessons or so to try it out, but ultimately it is a paid course, and would require a PRO subscription. :slight_smile:

As an alternative, you could use “Learn Python 2”, it’s a little more out of date as it’s a now deprecated version of the language, but they’re very similar and so long as you read up on the differences to be aware of, that would be fine!

Happy coding!

AH! That’s it! I didn’t realize there were PRO only courses. I assumed when it was marked as “beginner” that was a free course.
Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the help.
Solved! :slight_smile:

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No worries, glad I could help! :slight_smile:

As an indicator, you can have a look on the catalog page, courses that are PRO limited have a little PRO next to the course name:

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