Music programming

Hello, I am a new student.
I am writing here because I can’t find a way to contact CodeAcademy directly (the contact page gives me an error when I try to send the message)
First of all, thank you for your school. This is the only clear online method in teaching programming that I have found.
I can’t find any music programming courses, I am eager to learn MaxMsp (or PD) and SuperCollider. I am actually learning Python just to better understand programming in general, as the informatic world is quite new to me.
Are there currently any music programming courses that maybe I don’t know about or do you intend to put up a MaxMsp or SuperCollider course in the future?
I hope you do, I would be your first student!
Thanks in advance

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Hey @alessiaanyue!

I’m sorry to say that currently aren’t any music courses available, and, as far as my knowledge as a Beta Tester is, there are no plans for one (yet).

Are you looking for off-Codecademy options as well?

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for answering.
Yes, I’ve looked at some offCA options, but they’re just not as good! Or too expensive…

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