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Somethng we can both use…

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Thanks but doesn’t work…I’ve been checking for literally days now!

This appears to be the same piece on YouTube, though:


Yeah, that’s it. Great piece.


Well, anything to help with coding! :wink:



Wow, you’re a real music-lover…maybe that’s why you’re good at programming – apparently there’s a deep connection between music and mathematics (of which programming could be said to be a subset [of the subset of applied maths])…

BTW, I can’t program to anything but silence. About the only time I can have music in the background is when cleaning house or bicycling around…otherwise, I need to pay attention to it. I just do. Though I’m not a big music-lover – just like what I like but otherwise do without it most of the time (did I also mention I’m not a real programmer? ;-))…

Oh, and thanks!


Probably shouldn’t have posted it here. Can remove if you find it distracting, but be sure to give them a listen before you decide.

in your view. Ask any engineer upstairs, or even other knowledgeable members and they will have a different opinion. I know my limits and where best to contribute… Here in the learners’ forum.

Learn to ignore music and let your brain take over listening. It’s a lubricant when we can get it to that level. I can work with all sorts of noise around me, but like you prefer silence. That is, prefer. I’m not obsessed with silence as I get plenty of it. It’s when things get tough that music comes in to the equation.

Like I said, it is a mental lubricant, especially if we like the music. I like Nirvana and Agnes Obel, both, with Kate Bush right smack in between, so genre is not a distinguishing factor. Keep an open mind about music, and know when your brain is telling you it has had enough of the silence. It’s not stopping your work, only changing up the cerebral environment a notch. You’re in control.

One supposes I like New Age music because it is easy to ignore. That’s true, but it plays into what I said above. Ignore and let the brain listen. You occupy your mind with your thoughts. Watch how comfortable and creative you become. It’s no miracle. We’re wired this way.


Very localized connection; witness difference between western and eastern music, tonically. Western music has a twelve tone scale, other locales have many more in theirs.

Music, and acoustics in general is a subject of physical sciences and can’t help but get quantified. There are two forces at work, not just one. If the first is nature, then what’s the other one?


Huh? No, not at all; thanks for sharing – I can simply not play music if I’m busy!

What?? I don’t understand how ignoring music means the brain is taking over the listening of it…if I like the piece, I will want to listen to it (and if I don’t like it, well, no sense in having it play!) and that involves my brain, my attention, of course…

Yes, like house-cleaning for me! Though as I’d also said, I enjoy it sometimes when bicycling (I guess just for company, mainly).

That’s interesting…not a factor, eh?

How about some of my favorites running in your background, then – everything from “Preußens Gloria” and “O’Sullivan’s March” to “Zion Hears the Watchers Singing” (BMV 140, Fourth Movement), “Chinsagu No Hana,” and “Fourth Reich Fighting Men!”

That’s weird to me – I mean, that’s how most people are but to me that’s like ignoring it, just letting it run off like a yapping dog or tyke…I don’t get it at all: to me, music is a kind of conversation and I can’t be having a conversation with you and not paying attention!

(Though, to be sure, I have to say that I do understand research finding that people will unconsciously move to music, naturally and always – and working out can be made more enjoyable with music, sure!)


This is all rather esoteric, mind…


What’s “localized” mean? I take it that you’re saying that you’re skeptical about the connection but why “localized”…like it’s a phenomenon observed only in The West?

Interestingly, there’s supposed to be research that shows that populations speakings tonal languages like Chinese (with anywhere from four to seven tones) or Vietnamese (with like fourteen tones or so!!) tend to produce more people with perfect pitch!

Sorry, not getting your drift there, kemosabe…though music involves acoustics, it’s first and foremost psychology, init?? So it’s interesting to consider why certain acoustics should move us so – why, indeed, we have such a need for such acoustics (I mean even outside of our modern consumer society)…I was quite shocked to learn one day about the connection between mathematicians and music!

In fact, ever read the great Gödel, Escher, Bach? It’s an incredible dive into all logic, psychology, music, consciousness, life, spirituality, mathematics, and computer science…


Not sure what that’s à propos of, exactly – but yeah, Gödel, Escher, Bach is also about that: mind!


I gave the book to our son for his birthday. We’re kind of a weird family.