Museums and Nature Centers project

Hi everyone.
I just started the R intermediate data visualization project about Museums and Nature Centers (, and I´m struggling at the 4th step. It is supposed that I use scale_x_discrete(scale::wrap_format(8)) to make it easier to read the labels, but it is just not working. Do you know what am I’m doing wrongly? Cuz the code doesn’t even throws any output.
Thanks for your time

3th step
museum_type <-
ggplot(museums_df, aes(x = Museum.Type)) +

4th step
museum_type2 <-
ggplot(museums_df, aes(x = Museum.Type)) +
geom_bar() +

At the scale_x_discrete layer try writing: labels = scales::wrap_format(8), instead of labels::wrap_format(8)

museum_type<-ggplot(museums_df, aes(x=Museum.Type)) +

geom_bar() +

scale_x_discrete(labels = scales::wrap_format(8))


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