Museums and Nature Centers - Project - Intermediate Data Visualization with ggplot2


I am trying to complete the Intermediate Data Visualization with ggplot2 course but when dealing with the final Project Museums and Nature Centers looks like the codes do not run. Anybody finding my same kind of bug, maybe?

Thanks for your help

I’m assuming that if there are no results/output then there’s an error in the code.
If you have code to post it would help others to help you debug it.

title: "Museums and Nature Centers"
    df_print: paged

```{r data, message=FALSE}


Data Exploration

# Load file as data frame
museums_df <- read_csv("museums.csv")
# Inspect data frame

I just loaded and inspected the dataframe with head ... no output at all..

What’s the link to the lesson, please?

here it is…

It worked for me when I used read.csv(“museums.csv”).

However the code seemed to stop working once I got to the facet bar plot.

In my case, it does not work from the very beginning… :confused:

It works. I just tried it. (I don’t know r either. I just followed the hints).

You have to write the code in between the tick marks, like this:

and then scroll to see all the columns.

I made it. There was a typo error in the code that I could not find … now I found it…

thanks for your help

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