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MuscleHub A/B Test

This capstone project falls into the Analyze Data with Python track. Unfortunately, this project requires the student to know SQL, while the path does not teach any SQL. I suggest a course modification. Others seem to have completed the project just fine - or they copied the solutions. Perhaps there is an alternative path that teaches them SQL before arriving at the MuscleHub capstone. Please remove it from the Analyze Data with Python track or teach SQL in that track.

Hi, I did that project a few years ago and if I recall correctly (also while looking at my Jupyter Notebook for the project) all that SQL stuff was a “given” and supplied in steps 1 & 2 for the learner. I never wrote any SQL code for it b/c the tables were already joined and from there one could begin to investigate the A/B groups in Step 3.

Is that no longer the case?


That is no longer the case. Perhaps there is a new path that is also using the MuscleHub project. I did end up copying the SQL code from a solution page since I had no idea what was going on.

It is good to know that I did not miss something. I thought I overlooked a chapter or something.


Ahhh, okay. I didn’t re-download it to see the files.

That path and project used to be a Data Analytics (10?-weeks) Intensive that was offered by CC back in 2017 (I think). They also added new material to it (last Fall?) since it was originally offered. At the time I took that course, I didn’t know that level of SQL either and it was just a given for the project, then we had to write all the python. Now I understand it having connected to SQL servers and gotten SQL data into a Colab notebook.

So, I’m guessing it was an oversight on their part. (?) I will see if I can find some answers for you!

So, I checked and was told that the project is set to be updated soon.

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