Muscle Hub - Capstone Project

Here is my capstone project (Muscle Hub AB Test) from the Analyze Data with Python skill path. Feedback on the code and/or presentation is appreciated! Also, if there is a better way to post the code part please let me know, I’m not used to using github.

Presentation: Muscle Hub Project - Google Slides

Code: muscle-hub-ab-test/musclehub-gcarrillo.ipynb at main · gcarrillox31/muscle-hub-ab-test · GitHub

Congrats on finishing the project!

Looks like you have a solid understanding of how to navigate around in the code and the purpose of the chi square contingency testing. It’s good that you added comments about the results of the tests. It makes it easier for the reader to follow along with your thought processes.
One thing, maybe add a sentence or two at the bottom of your notebook in a text cell (above or below) the bar charts. (?)

Thanks for the feedback! For the bar charts do you mean including a few lines about what the data is showing us?

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Yea, I wondered if that would add to your analysis or not (?). It’s up to you. You do have titles on the charts anyway.

Oh, and for the slides, some thoughts:

  • Use bullet points to highlight your findings (rather than a paragraph). They are easier for an audience to read and it highlights the key takeaways of your findings.

  • You could include the bar charts here as well.

  • Possibly include an appendix with a definition of chi square test or any technical specifics. This would help a non-technical audience understand exactly what the test is for.

Good work!

Totally agree, thanks!

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