Multiples of Eight - Using a For Loop



I have 'passed' the exercise but I don't understand what's happening. I am trying to write a 'for' loop that prints: true, true, true, true, true, false - thereby identifying which of the bits in the array is not a multiple of 8.

Below is my attempt to do this, but nothing is printing to the console.log bit. Could anyone explain to me what's happening?


var multiplesOfEight = [8,16,24,32,40,58];
for (i = 0; i>multiplesOfEight.length; i+=1) {


Hi thsi part

for (i = 0; i>multiplesOfEight.length; i+=1)

i will never be great than multiplesOfEight.length since i equal to 0, so you should put i less than multiplesOfEight.length

for (i = 0; i<multiplesOfEight.length; i+=1)