Multiple WebPage with React?

Hello !
My question little general now.

I learn on Codecademy and almost end with React and Node. But I now realize that:

I can’t able with the entire educational material an second wepage!

How can I create multiple webpage(endpoint) with React?
This work with Routes?
Do I need Express?
Do I need the webpack knowledge? - This also missing from Codecademy. I read the 3
articles but also missing how can I create subpage. (

Where find I the needed knowledge on Codecademy? Or outside?

Please give me a comprehensive explain and/or tutorial the implement.
Always speak about my desktop implementation… But I need on the server(Ubuntu)

Thank you very much

i haven’t personally done this, but seems router was specifically created for this purpose:

No, react can work with any REST point api. This can be written in express, but also with plenty of other languages and frameworks.

Yes, browsers do not understand React. It needs transpiling to Javascript.

i would use create-react-app:

that saves a lot of setup headaches.