Multiple Selectors

It continues to say “Oops, try again. It looks like you didn’t turn the h3 nested inside three

s red”
But I am unsure on what I am doing wrong, this is my code-

you select the p which is nested inside 3 divs, but there is none, they are all h3 elements, not paragraphs

div div div h3 {
color: red;

here is my code, and I get the same msg over and over again…
what;s wrong?? please help!!!

looks good, does the h3 get red? If that is the case, try a different browser

it does turn red,
but still have that msg.
I am using Firefox, is that 's the prob?

Thank you, stetim94, in the end, i have to download chrome browser, then it works.

Should be h3 insted of p