Multiple selectors

i have problems with this section.can anyone help…im stuck

Please show us your code and we can help
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what ever i type just showing me the same message…it isnt 30 px but 16px…nothing changes

Remember how to reach selectors nested inside others? If you have a paragraph inside a div that’s inside another div, you can get to it like this:

div div p {
/Some CSS/

Show me the code you typed out

div div p {
font-size:30 px ;

You should have a space between 30 and px

div div p {
font-size: 30px;

nothing changes…i dont know

div div p {
font-size: 30 px ;

the task is next
Give the paragraphs inside the list item tags a font size of 30px.

Then it will be

li p {
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thanks very very much…i was starting to lose my nerves haha

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I don’t understand, I am on the same lesson but tis isn’t helping

What do not you understand?

On the CSS tab, select only the h3 header nested inside three

s and change its color to red. these are the directions

In the exercise a hour asked is the last one.
H3 to ask is imbricated in 3 div
Thus :

div div div h3 {

(( Sorry for my English, Google Translation is my friend ))


i need help with my code it keeps saying error and I don’t know what to do

* {
    border: 1px #3A5FCD;

Go ahead and use the universal selector to put a 1px dashed #3A5FCD border around every element on the page. See how each element looks like it’s in its own box on the page? This is part of the HTML/CSS “box model,” which we’ll cover in the next lesson.



#3A5FCD is a hexadecimal color for blue. It is often helpful to use hex colors instead of just words when you want a very specific color.

your border is missing the border-style (dashed)