Multiple Parameters -

when I ask for the solution it skips ahead to the next part of the lesson but it does not show me what the correct code should look like, so I don’t learn what I’m doing wrong or how to correct it.

I seem to be stuck on step 3.

step 1. asked to rename my function to mult_x_add_y

step 2. asked me to add x and y to the parameters

step 3. says "Inside the function, replace 2 in the print statement with x , and replace 3 in the print statement with y" but when I do this I get this syntax error message:

File “”, line 3
mult_x_add_y(number:5, x:2, y:3)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

and the instructions on the bottom read: You did not replace the 2 with x and the 3 with y

this is what my code like:

def mult_x_add_y(number, x, y):
print(number * x + y)
mult_x_add_y(number:5, x:2, y:3)

here is a link to exercise I am having trouble with.

Thanks a bunch

When you call a function, you just enter the values.

In this case, you wouldn’t put number:5, instead you would just put 5.

Hope this answers your question!

Hey too_toasty thank you for your response I tried removing the “number” and “x” and the “y” but even after I replaced the values with numbers only it still doesn’t seem to work
still getting the same syntax error
thanks for the help though.

I just figured it out. Backspace the mult_x_add_y(5, 2 ,3) so there’s no indentation before calling your function otherwise python will throw a sytanx error. I know I’m late but hopefully I can at least be of service to the next person who has this question. I was stuck on it for quite awhile myself.