Multiple mistakes in the whole course


There are really multiple things wrong with this course.

I'm not summing up everything, feel free to do yourselves. However, here are a few that annoyed me.

  1. The default object display state is block, not inline-block. Your last job in the course was to change the image to block, but nothing changed.

  2. Take a look at the image below. Or especially: the image in the image below. It isn't either centered or full width. Offer larger images so the image in the middle doesn't looks so stupid.

  3. Let's end with the most annoying one: I really have never heard of paragraph heights. And in the image below you'll probably see why. C'mon, be honest and say 3 text-lines of spacing between the paragraphs looks ridiculous. Not even talking about the height when the browser width is double the size. Wasn't max-width invented for this? Paragraph spacing should be limited to one line or no line at all.


Came here for these mistakes, mostly for the paragraph thing.