Multiple html files, one css file for all


I have two html files with a form in each of them, do I need two separate css for them or I can put the css for each form in the same css file obviously with the use of some kind of separation, like id, name, class, just I don’t know how, please help me. I can post my examples: two html file a css file all together. thank you


If the CSS file is external, then you only need the one. Use a link element in each page that loads the same resource.


yes, but how can i separate the css parts to the forms located in different html files? every form needs some sort or id, name or something unic that browser can read and interpret correctly.

thank you,


Forms will have things in common, and if they are basically the same in both (all) pages, then they can have the same id’s, classes, and style rules.