Multiple examples in sample code for one concept confusing

I’m working through the “Returns” lesson of the “Introduction to Functions” module of “Analyzing Data with Python” (see link above).

I’m finding including multiple examples of code input in the same part of the lesson is confusing me some as far as what part of the input ties to what part of the output, e.g.:

result = divide_by_four(16)
# result now holds 4
print("16 divided by 4 is " + str(result) + "!")
result2 = divide_by_four(result)
print(str(result) + " divided by 4 is " + str(result2) + "!")

This would print out:

16 divided by 4 is 4!
4 divided by 4 is 1!

If it was just one of the outputs, rather than two, it would be a little easier to understand, at least for me.

Hello @lovemyhusky, welcome to the forums! Do you have any particular question about the code here, or are you just making a suggestion?