Multiple colors in a single line

so in this line of code:

  • Red Blue
  • how would I keep the two words on the same line but have red in red text and blue in blue text can you throw two style=‘color: #------’ in a single line of code or is there a better break down?


    Yes, you can use two style attributes to achieve what you want like:

    <span style="color: red;">Red</span> <span style="color: blue;">Blue</span>

    or then there is CSS, if you haven’t learned it yet you will find many other ways to apply styles when you do so. Like using CSS classes in HTML:

      .red-text {
        color: red;
      .blue-text {
        color: blue;
    <span class="red-text">Red</span> <span class="blue-text">Blue</span>