Multilingual (human languages) coders


Hey guys!
I was just wondering how many multilingual coders there are on here, so in this topic, I ask you to introduce yourselves, multilingual coders!

I don't want to hear from non-multilinguists - there's another topic for that, but I want to hear from those of you who can speak more than one language!

Me personally? I am a native English speaker from the Isle of Man in the British Isles, so technically I should speak 'Manx', but not many people do, and my family is primarily English (bit of Danish), so I wouldn't really use it. I am learning French in school (taking French GCSE - currently at a B, hoping to do an A-Level on it), and I'm top of my year group (152/153 students), so I think I'm OK at speaking it...

Anyway... Introduce yourselves multilinguists!


@kogeyamauchiha..... Will want to see this topic. :slight_smile:


HELLO! こんいちわ! There seem to be very few multilingual coders on the forums, and to you I say hello!



multilingual coders

:wave: That's me! JavaScript, Python, Ruby...

OK, sorry, I'll let actual multi-lingual coders talk here :smile:

Although, I can sometimes say very simple stuff in Latin, if that counts :slight_smile:


When I saw the title I thought of programming languages :smile:


Hallo, ik spreek onder andere Nederlands.
Mais je parle aussi le français.
Eu fala também um pouco de portugues.
And of course, I also speak a teeny tiny bit of English :smile:


Haha, when I saw the title, I thought you were talking about programming languages. :smile: I was like "Yeah sure I know lots of programming languages!" Come to find out, it's about human languages. I am not multilingual. :confounded: I am actually bilingual. I can speak Spanish and English.

¡El español es imponente! Digo el español. Escribo a máquina el español. ¡También a veces escribo el español, pero usted consigue el punto! ¡La programación es también la diversión también!

(I dare you to translate that! :joy:)


haha, ikr. :joy::joy: That would also be me.... :slight_smile:


By 'multilingual' I meant 'able to speak more than one human language', so it counts.


Speak 3 langs:

Hello In Amharic(Native Langauge):

Hello in French:


Russian: native;
Italian: ~A(1-2);
English: intermediate;



yes, languages are amazing, but i prefer coding. It is more fun!

Still you can speak foreign languages with people and it does not work like this with code, maybe I have been stuck too long time in front of my laptop and I should pack for my next trip.

Coding and Traveling instead are highly related, that's one of the reason i love to code.

I speak Italian (mother language), English very fluent and German also fluent (B2 almost C1).
I have been living one year in Germany and I learned it the hard way, but it was challenging.
While i have been studying Spanish during my Bachelor Degree and never used it again.