Moving Text?

Can someone please help me? If you can see the text; “THE GAME WE PLAY” at the top of the page, somewhat in the center, divided into 2 lines…

Can you please help me move it down, and change it to 1 line?

Thanks in advance! I’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t work; either something moves with it, or it stays in two lines…

Hey Goldendraws,

I currently see this:

Are you wanting something more like this? (I think so)

Try a search for CSS positioning.

Also, this is off topic, since it isn’t about an HTML Basics exercise. Could you please move it to the Job opportunities and Collaborative Work category? Thanks.

Also, <center>, while handy, is outdated and you shouldn’t be using it.

Yes, that is what I want. How did you figure it out?

I used magic. Look through the link I gave you and try fiddling around with it yourself. If you slow down and work on it some, you’ll start learning stuff, versus asking us to do it for you and learning nothing.


OK Thanks, quick question though;

I made it relative positioning, and did top: (x)
and it moved down, but the text remained in the same layout, like this:


Why’s that?

It was like that with the static positioning because it was forced between the logo and buttons, but when it’s in free space should it resize?

Looks to me like you’ve solved your problem and only need to get the logo and sign/log in buttons on opposite sides now:

I don’t get it… How would that work than? I’m really confused, sorry.

That’s so weird… When I made .sloganPart1, a relative position, and set top: to 100px,

it just moved down… it still appears like this:


and not


It’s still showing up just the same as in my last screenshot above for me. Maybe your screen is too small? Try making the browser larger, or shrinking the font-size to see if it fits onto one line that way.

It’s definitely not the font-size… Is this what you have for the

.sloganPart1 {
    top: 200px;

It comes up as this;

Can I please see the code you used to see what I did

The highest the font can go, while staying on one like is 74px, and I need bigger than that… any ideas?

I think your screen is just too small. It shows up fine for me.

Can I see your full code? @zystvan

@goldendraws I had:

position: fixed;
top: 150px;

on the header. But I’m pretty sure your screen is too small. Have you tried resizing your browser window or testing on a larger screen?