Moving from the CodeAcademy IDE to VS Code

Hi Everyone,

I need help getting to grips with VS Code.

I am working through the Full Stack Developer Path and have used the Codecadamy IDE for the majority of the tasks but I feel I should become more familiar with using VS Code locally as I haven’t touched it since the intro modules.

Now that I am trying to use it, I do not find it easy to run the code to test it like I would in the Codecadamy IDE. I have node installed and installed a load of recommended extensions to try and help make it easier but I can’t get it to work smoothly.

Anyone got any advice on how to move from Codecadamy IDE to VS Code as I’m guessing I’m not the first to struggle with this.



It seems like you’re trying to use it with Node so:


Thanks for this! @h1lo
Much appreciated! Have a good day!

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