Moving from Java Beginner course to Intermediate and/or Advanced

HI there, I have just completed the beginner course on Java, I am now wishing to move to intermediate and eventually advanced Java concepts. My question is this, will upgrading to codeacademy pro accomplish this goal? If not, any suggestions that are similar in style to codeacademy providing this learning environment?

Here @stream8media This is perfect for you! Read it through!


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Hey there.

I’ve been programming in Java for 2-3 years as my main language of choice.

There are many resources for researching advanced concepts in Java. Please note, some concepts are more advanced than others so please take this slowly.

Firstly, the only place I can whole-heartedly recommend you to search for advanced topics is the website of the language creator itself. That would be Oracle. Oracle has documentation on nearly every, if not every, feature that Java offers including the extremely advanced things. You’ll find a complete walkthrough of the Java Standard Edition (probably what you’ll be using) here. Since you already have the foundations of Java, you might find this page more helpful because it will allow you to choose where you want to start although you might find the former link to be more helpful if wish to make sure you know the foundations in the way that the creator wishes you to. Further, another Oracle resource provided for free is the language documentation which thoroughly documents every single feature provided in the language with clear and concise descriptions. You’ll find the language documentation here.

Since you may (or may not) be interested in immediate directions to take your knowledge, you might consider practicing your Java experience by creating plug-in modifications for Minecraft servers via the SpigotMC community and using their API (Application Programming Interface) to do so. This will allow you to add non-tangible (for the most part) features into a Minecraft game. An advanced example would be MCGamer, which fully recreated the HungerGames in Minecraft via this system.

If you’re interested in a more advanced Minecraft practice session, you can modify the game itself using Java by interfacing with the Minecraft Mod Coder Pack which will allow you to add more tangible modifications including new monsters, new blocks, and et cetera.

If you prefer to learn without so much reading and more watching, you might check out the following resources: The New Boston: Intermediate Java Tutorials or if you want to do more with Minecraft servers, there is this interactive visual series here.

There is a full Java textbook on Wikibooks here if you would like to use that as a resource.

Further, do invest in getting a [free] IDE, or Integrated Development Environment such as Eclipse, Java SE Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA by Jetbrains, or another one that works for you.

I hope this helps you in your endeavor to learn Java, which is an awesome choice.

Please let me know if I can assist you further.

(P.S., while not similar (as much) to Codecademy, you may enjoy CodeWars which will challenge you to solve code problems in Java (or another language – but they do support Java.)


I would say if your intrested in minecraft games, i would highly reccomend Java Game Programming really.

Thanks Jacob, for taking the time to reply…appreciate it.

I disagree. Minecraft offers an abstracted API. Java game programming is pure Java.

Too advanced for some levels.

Hmmm… Ok! Understand now!

thenewboston doesn’t live too far from me. it’s about a 2 hour drive!